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Friday, March 14, 2014

Long time

This has been a log time coming.   I need to update this more often.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Work is a 4 letter word!

So, life has been busy. Since my last post, we have moved to Ammon, and bought a house. We are working on the kids thing, but Nate wants to move again, before. We have been doing better, for the most part and have had more time inbetween fights. I feel like my life revolves around work!!! When we first moved, I was working at Olive Garden as a server full time, and also at Melaleuca as a Hot Shot, part time. We also decided to go back to school. I will graduate in May with my Masters in Adult Education and Training. WOW! Has my life been hetick! There was a time when I would work from 6-3 for Melaleuca, then at 4 for OG and then get up the next morning and work doubbles for the next five days. That did not include school work!...Things started to slow down in November last year. We decided that I could stop working at OG. Blessed day! I had a hard time quiting, but in retrospect, I needed to not be there anymore. I started full time at Melaleuca in July in the Express Verification Department. I then moved to Customer Service in November/December. The first of January I completed Services Support Staining, and Started the Chat Team the 2nd week in January. I love the Chat Team. The people are less grumpy, and they don't yell at me, and I like NOT having to be on the phones so much. We decided to seriously think about having kids...(dun, dun, duuunnn.)I am happy with the decision, but there are things in our life that need to be better. We need to get sealed in the temple and I need to get a job where I can work from home, that gives us benifits. I am hoping that we can do all of this within the next 6 months. I am also hopeing to be pregnant by then. Well, that is about it for now.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Help the technically chalanged!!

I need help!! I have been trying to change my background on my blog page, and it won't work!! I see all the people i love with new backgrounds, and I want one too!.. Enough pouting.
Life has been crazy. Summer has flown by and in three short weeks school starts. In one week I get to change class rooms and teachers. At work they are going to put me in the Carebear class and I get to work from 8:30-5:30 with a break... I am still reeling..I also get to plan the afternoon activities, and I also get what is called a "rosters" group; (the kids that take a shorter nap in the afternoon of some that don't take one at all.) and i have to plan activities for them too... I feel a little over whelmed. The teacher I am working for is nice, but has a different teaching style than what I am used to, but with time...and a little faith, trust, and pixie dust, we should get a long.
In other news, Nate and I went to meet with our steak Pres. a few weeks ago, and finally turned in our papers to get sealed. I am EXCITED!!! We (and when I say "WE" in this I mean "I") are thinking October some time. We are still learning our roles in the relationship, and I think that it will take some time for us to get better in a lot of different ways. But we are progressing.
I guess that, that is it for now...please help your technically challenged friend!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Life, Crazy Ladies, and Time.

Life for me has been crazy!!! I have been busy with two jobs, kids at the day care, and callings, Family functions every weekend, learning and more learning with my husband, and just being (yikes!, and gulp) thirty. I am kind of getting over the fact that i am now thirty, but it still makes one think about life. I swear that Nate thought that I was having a nervous break down. But after accepting the fact, and just being happy with who and what I am right now...My out look on life seams to be getting happier by the minute.
Crazy ladies!!! My lady was almost certifiable! I had to work the day before my birthday, and she had me run her cat to the vet to see what was wrong with it. Then I had to get her food from this Mexican place (and the road is under construction, so a two min, trip took ten) and then I had to go back to her house and clean, and give her a shower, and do her personal care which involved some leg massage. So I was only scheduled to work 3 hrs. that day and I got there early because of low numbers at the day care. I forgot that my lady had a doctors app. that day and she didn't show up till about a half hour after I got there. (no big deal..I forgot!) so After working for almost 4, yes count them 4 hours...I told her that I wasn't too happy about waiting for her to get off the toilet so I could pull up her pants, the night before my birthday, an hour after I was supposed to leave, and... I wasn't getting paid to do what I was doing...I wasn't too happy..and I told her... She got pissy, and I left. The next Mon. (i worked Monday through Thursday) I was not in a good mood, because of things that had happened at the day care, and I talked to Nate, and at the time he didn't help me feel better, and then I went to my lady's house...She started talking down to me and getting mad because I left an hour late...I got upset, and left. Long story short.. My eccentric lady is no longer my client. So for the time being. I only have one job!!
I have found that I am happier, lighter, and feeling a lot better about life! I think that she was just sucking me into her bitter old lady life, and that is not someplace that I wanted to be. So. no better paying job, yet...and life is looking good!!
Nate and I are doing better than we have been in a while, and I am proud to say that I think it's because of a slightly better attitude form me. It is amazing how life gets better when you are not around negative people! So, time has just not been my friend, because I find that there isn't enough time in the day to do all that I want to. And my blog has been on the back burner for far to long... I will keep up the goal of trying to blog more. keep reading my blog friends!! I love you all!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

New Year, New Resolutions

It is a new year and I have dicided to make a few obtainable resolutions. I would love to usser in my thirties looking fabulus! But, my idea of fabulus and the outside worlds are verry different... so about 20lbs should be obtainable. I have also decided that facebook id crap and that people should choose one place to be, and stop the other madness. And so blogg is the place to find all the updates. but I know that I can link the two, but I am not sure how to do that.
Finding a better paying job is number two priority on my list. We have dicided that some credit needes to be payed down before kids come into the picture. Speaking ot pictures. We got some taken. and they are cute!! I will post them as soon as i get them. I am working two jobs, and will tell you all more about the excentric old lady later. Needless to say she thinks that because i make Nate breakfast that our marrage won't last... We have had a few hick-ups, the first little while, but we are learning every day how to be better at communication, and all the stuff it takes to make a marrage work...and making breakfast is ONE thing that I can do to help make my husband happy. I am gratful and happy to do that!
I will post more about her later. keep reading blogg friends.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Life, Love and Death

On June 28th about 9:30 AM, Nate's Mother passed away. We are sad and miss her a lot, but to me it is strange how after only one month of marrage, we get to go through another one of lifes events. There is a lot to say, but time does not permit. I will write later.